Happy Mother’s Day 2024, Celebration Ideas and Wishes.

Mother’s Day 2024 is approaching us, as soon as it arrives our hearts get filled with unconditional love and hope. Because every one of us has a special soft corner for our mothers, we want to make her feel special on this special day.

We can make this Mother’s Day 2024 special in many ways, Here in this article we will cover some of how we can celebrate this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day 2024 – History of Mather’s Day in the World: –

From starting of this Mother’s Day celebration all over the world, ancient India has given the rank of Goddess to mothers. As mothers are the biggest creators of life in the world, In India Mother’s Day is celebrated twice a year for 7 to 8 days in worship of different goddesses, it’s called Navratri Pujan.

With time other countries also followed this worship and Ancient Romans and Greeks were the first after India who held festivals in honor of the mother goddesses.

In today’s modern world, Mother’s Day starts in the 2nd week of May. It was established by Anna Jarvis in memory of her mother, she celebrated it first time when she held a memorial service for her late mother on May 12, 1907.

Mother's Day 2024
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After this on 10th May 1908 first Mother’s Day was celebrated. Now Mother’s Day 2024 will be celebrated on Sunday 12th May, 2024.

Mother’s Day 2024 – Celebration Idea

Mother’s Day 2024 can be celebrated in many ways, we just need to express our love or gratitude toward Mother for everything they did for making our lives better and happy.

Celebrate Magic Moments: – It can be celebrated by spending some quality time with her on tea or memorizing the moments in the past and can do some activities at home like playing cards, making their favorite food, etc.

A day out can be planned, in this either a movie or a lunch can be included to make this day special.

If you have good skills of dancing, then you can dance with her on this day and make it a good memorable day for her.

If you and your siblings are living away from the mother, you can plan a get-together for her on this day and can give her a special surprise or you can arrange a conference video call to her.

If you have an interest in the poem, you can write and read a heartfelt note for her expressing your feelings on this day.

Mother’s Day 2024 – Gift Idea

You can purchase many things from the market with money, but it’s not about the money Mother’s Day 2024 is all about the love and feeling that you have for your mother. A gift should make the mother feel special and memorize the moments she loves.

Magic gifts: – Gifts create magic while giving happiness to someone’s face, so on this Mother’s Day 2024, you can give gifts to your mother that make magic on her special day.

You can give her a photo album, sharing moments with you and other family members, which reminds her of past moments and adventures you have all faced together.

Write a Letter with all your feelings, love, gratitude, and appreciation, or give it to her as a gift. That will make her special and fill her with joy.

You can also make her favorite dish on your own this Mother’s Day 2024, which also will be a nice gift for her. Also, you can do things that she is saying to you regularly but you have not listened to her for many days, when you do that thing and show her it will give her lots of happiness.

You can sing her favorite song, it doesn’t matter whether your voice is good or bad in singing if you do this it will fill her eyes with joy and her face with a smile.

Apart from these, you can ask her what gift she wants on this day and you can purchase it from the market or an online store like Amazon.

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