Apple Vision Pro Vs Apple SmartGlass, AI Technology, Must Buy

APPLE Just launched its much-awaited apple vision pro in US market on 2nd February 2024 and it’s matter of excitement in their followers in US market. Apple has a huge market in India and other countries also. Other countries are also waiting for the release of Apple Vision pro in their region.

In India apple has a large fan group who love to have apple products and accessories with release of apple vision pro in US demand in India also increasing for the product. It may be available in India from the last quarter of 2024 but before you buy this product you should know about the details of this product.

Apple Vision Pro Specification, Review and Price.

Apple Vision Pro come with the spatial computer technology, which blends smoothly your digital world experience with the real world. Every user can feel his physical presence in that digital content with this Vision Pro. It’s a extreme big release by apple after 2007 after the release of iPhone. So, it can be easily predicted that this product can change the world in the field of technology.

Specification: – Apple Vision Pro comes with the 16GB RAM to process smoothly, this new device comes with the double chip technology M2 and R1. M2 chip handle the different components like RAM, CPU and other processing controls and R1 Chip are to handle its all Cameras, head movements, eyes tracking movements etc. Vision Pro comes with the operating system visionOS.

Display: – Vision Pro features with the new micro-OLED and 3D display system. It has the 23 millions of pixels and supports the refresh rate of 90HZ, 96Hz and 100Hz.

For Visual experience it has a lot of cameras inbuilt in this-6 world facing cameras, True Depth cameras, 4 eyes tracking cameras and 2 high resolution main cameras.

For you Audio experience this spatial computerized technology brings dynamic head tracking, 6 mic arrays with directional deforming and it supports the Dolby Atoms, Dolby digital and Dolby Digital Plus, AAC, MP3 and Apple lossless.

Video formats are supports by this Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR, HDR10, HEVC, MV‑HEVC, H.264

For Input Vision Pro can be control by you hands, eyes and with Voice.

Battery: – In general, it can be used for 2 hours and for watching video it has a 2.5-hour battery backup for advantage it can be charged while using it comes alog with USB-C charge cable.

Connectivity: – It has the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technology.

Apart from all this features you can use all the apps of the iPad or iPhone in this. Till now this is not available in India, but you can purchase it from Apple store when it will be available. Its current price is $3499.


Apple Vision Pro and Apple SmartGlass

In future apple is planning to launch its Apple Smart glasses or the cheaper version of its vision pro. These smart glasses will be having all the features of an iPhone and AI technology and will be operate mostly through eyes and voice inputs. if apple successfully launched this product in the market, then it will easily change the world, everything that we have seen in the movies Iron-Man has used the SmartGlass with the voice assistance, apple is making them possible in the real world. Possibly apple will launch this project soon in the late 2025.

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