Top 5 Electric Bikes in India to Buy Under 2 Lakhs in 2024.

Electric vehicle is the new need of public with soaring prices of fuel. For the solution of this big bike manufacturers in India has Launched the electric bikes. Here we will discuss about the Top 5 Electric Bikes in India with their expected price, availability and specification. So, if you are looking for an electric bike and in India so keep reading.

These electric bikes will provide you a lot of features in this specific range like Digital meters and ABS and some others.

Top 5 Electric Bikes in India 2024

As the price of fuel is increasing day by day so operating a fuel bike for the ordinary man is becoming impossible. That why middlemen of India are now looking forward for the electric vehicle. In this electric vehicle Bikes are the first choice of every individual. According to our collected data best of Top 5 Electric Bikes in India 2024 are here below.

  • Pure EV eTryst 350
  • Hop Electric OXO
  • Revolt RV 400
  • Oben Rorr
  • Odysee Evoqis

Let’s have a detailed look at all of these Top 5 Electric Bikes in India 2024.

Pure EV eTryst 350: –

In this segment of Electric Bike Pure EV eTryst come in the first place, it’s a good combination of style and Eco-friendliness. this is good for those riders who want performance as well as style, here are some of its features and specifications given by the company.

Top 5 Electric Bikes in India
Top Speed94 KMPH
PURE Mileage Range111-171 KM
Battery Capacity3.5 KWH
Load Bearing Capacity150 KG
Gradeability16 Degree
Extended Warranty5 years / 50,000 KMs

Addition of this it come with the special new feature of Hill-Start Assist which prevents the bike to roll backwards in slop area. Pure EV eTryst 350 is available in the price range of 1,49990 Rupees. This is the current Ex show room price in India.

Hop Electric OXO: –

Hop Electric OXO bike does not compromise in any way either we talk about the quality of parts or talks about the feature. Company also provides you the fast charging it takes just 3 hours to charge from 0 to 80 and in 4 hours it gets fully charged. This Bike comes in two models, Price of the base model starts from 1,35000.

Top 5 Electric Bikes in India
Top Speed88 Kmph
True Range (Eco Mode)140 kms
True Range (Power Mode)90 kms
True Range (Sport Mode)65 kms
Voltage Architecture72 V
Motor Power (Peak)5.2 kW
Max. Torque (At Wheel)175 Nm
Motor TypeBLDC Hub motor
ControllerSinusoidal FOC Vector

Revolt RV 400: –

This the one of the cheapest bike available in the segment of electric bikes. which provide you the mid drive motor. this is the most sold electric bike in India. This motor bike claims to have the best riding range of 150 km, but experts said that bike will give the 120km range on the eco mode and on the sport mode it provides round 100 km range.

Electric Bikes in India
Riding Range150 Km
Top Speed85 Kmph
Kerb Weight108 kg
Battery Charging Time4.5 Hrs
Rated Power3000 W
Seat Height814 mm

This bike has an Ex-show room price of around 1,38000 Rupees. On road price will vary according to your city in Delhi it can cost you around 1,40000 Rupees.

Oben Rorr: –

This bike is not available in all cities of India. This stylish electric bike is available in the selected cities of India, specially it is available in the Bangalore as the Showroom of this company is establish there. it has an 8000W of power which will provide you a very comfortable ride.

Electric Bikes
Range187 km/charge
Battery Capacity4.4 KWh
Charging Time2 hours
Top Speed100 km/hr
Tyre TypeTubeless
Ground Clearance200 mm
Fast ChargingYes

This bike comes in the range of 1,50000 Rupees and available in some selected cities of India.

Odysee Evoqis: –

This Electric bike comes with the styling like Ninja 300. In matter of looks no other electric bike is available in the market right now. Company claimed that bike take around 6 hours to charge but experts said that it takes around 7 to 8 hours for fully charge. In sports mode we can have the less riding range from the claimed by the company

Top 5 Electric Bikes in India
Credit: –
Riding Range140 km
Top Speed80 km/hr
Kerb Weight150 kg
Charging Time6 hours
Rated Power3000 W
Seat Height750 mm

This bike comes with in the 5 different colors with price of around 1,75000 Indian Rupees.

Top 5 Electric Bikes in India 2024: – Electric bike are so beneficial to environment but overall cost of these bikes is higher than fuel bikes. But if in future battery technology changes may be these electric bikes can be cheaper the normal vehicles in India.

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