Nikola Tesla Biography – The Man Who Contacted Aliens

If we see the space from the earth so we will find it as shining and bright. This credit goes to Nikola Tesla. Through his priceless research we are getting the benefits from the electricity. Apparently Nikola is the expert scientist but few people consider him Alien and time traveler. The basic reason behind those thought that only appears in the mind of Nikola at that time. In this topic we shall let you know about the Nikola Tesla Biography The man who contacted Aliens.

Nikola Tesla Biography

Born on 10th July 1856, this born baby provide those prescriptions that was praised by the upcoming generations. No one knows at that time. Tesla is considering amongst those scientists their services still famous amongst the people. Those who sit with the mysterious man consider him as crazy. Because tesla thought about future. Although he has invented many things in different department but Tesla Coil is the invention on the basis of that today mechanical engineering revolving around it. concept of transformer is also invented by this man.

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

In their life, Tesla is trying to solve the mystery that how the electricity can transform from one place to another place without wire. However, it was not possible in his life but he was reached very near to this experiment. the biography written by the man and his nearest friend informs that he has the strong believe on unknown forces. He believes that there are many mars in the world that are like earth and the probability of life exist over there. although Tesla claims that on this mars there is the powerful creature exist. However, when some scientist asked for the evidence about the presence of the creatures so his reply compel them to think over it and still today they are unable to get rid of this thought.

Tim Swords an English writer wrote the book on the biography and mentioned the important incident. According to Tim one day Tesla was preparing dangerous transmitter in order to know about the weather condition and storm. During that he received the very strange frequency. That bring the different sound through air bring it into the transmitter. On that basis Tesla made some changes and try to hear that voice. After this process Tesla said that this is definitely the sound of another creatures and they are trying to contact with us. because at that time no radio frequency mix with the waves of air that is why he was hopeful.

After this mysterious reveal tesla friend scientist give him the name of evil scientist. The important reason was Tesla spend whole day and night on this work in order to get connect with space creatures and try to increase the session of discussion with them. some researchers said that he got many successes in it. after few times later this noble scientist invented one more radio transmitter and this time the power and capacity is work of this transmitter twice of that previous one. During that time Tesla contacted with Aliens. He amplifies the signals and try to understand the meaning of these messages. But due to difference in language he is unable to understand. During that days in the area of America where tesla live found the flying saucer. That is the answer by the Aliens from the response created by the Tesla. But there is no proper evidence found till yet.

Tesla has another view that this world can be ring like a bell. However, this concept is unable to understand by anyone till now. According to Tesla our earth has its own electric and magnetic waves. Both of them are work together on particular frequency. If we release the frequency above the earth on particular way in the air, then this process will create the sound and it will be heard by the world and that sound will be like the ring of the bell. However, this experiment was not performed by any scientist till yet. Therefore, it is difficult to say that either this philosophy given by tesla was right or wrong.

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