Mystery Of Mount Kailash In China – Must Know

There are some secrets of nature that do not appear till now. In the series of mountain in Tibet there is the Kailash Mountain is the mysterious place that reality of this place not known by any people. Therefore, in this topic we shall let you know about Mystery Of Mount Kailash In China.

Location of Mount Kailash In China

In China in the series of mountain there is the mysterious mountain in Tibet. It is named as Kailash. From many times this mountain and around its area the incident attracts the people towards it. this area looks beautiful due to covered with snow. Due to which mountaineer try to climb it. during that struggle this mountain reveal the secrets and it is difficult to believe on that.

Mystery Of Mount Kailash In China

Folks, world largest mountain is known as Mount Everest and its length is 29,000 feet. The mountaineer who climb the mountain the registered counting is 4 thousand. However, the length of Kailash mountain is 20,000 feet. But surprisingly no one unable to climb till now. The main reason is the mysterious environment of this place. One mountaineer team stayed few days in order to know about mysterious. They tell that the around 1 kilometer of mountain the time pass very speedily. They felt that in 24 hours the growth of nails and hair in a way that normally it was happened in 1 month. It means that the age of human increase drastically however no one unable to define the reason.

At the center of the mountain there are 2 lakes. They are very close to each other and only thin line of sand separate these lakes. After observed the lake it is revealed that one lacks in the form of circle remain calm and the water is very clear. However, the other lack remains in storm mood. Some wise man considers this lake as 2 powers mean Goodness and badness.

Mount Kailash Lake
Mount Kailash Lake

The most prominent mysterious aspect of this mountain is whenever someone try to climb on that mountain and after completing the journey this mountain changed its place and the climber either move into the wrong direction or appear from other mountain. Besides of that it is found that few people near to touch the top of the mountain however due to bad weather they have to come back down and many people become disappear while climbing.

Team from Russia estimate that Kailash is not a mountain in fact it is a pyramid. That is the center of other 100 pyramid of the world. After the discovery of this during research it is found that the 3 huge pyramids found in Mexico the distance from the Kailash is equal to the distance of its height that is 20,000 feet and the distance from world north pole is also same. Likewise, England Stonehenge has the same distance from it.

This series of mountain while living people noticed lot of thing that did not happened on other part of the world. there is horror sound also found that occurs in day and night time. Few people claim the emission of blue light from this mountain. All the incidents are the proves that there is the secret that is hidden by human eye and may be it reveal with the passage of time.

I hope you will definitely like the topic about the mystery of mount Kailash in China.

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