Horror Movies Based On Real Events – Must Watch

Our viewers watch the film with full of fear and horror. After watching the film people discuss that such type of films is only basis on lying. There is no such relation with reality. But there are some films that is capture from real stories and in this topic we shall let you know about three Top Horror Movies Based On Real Events The Serpent and the Rainbow, Ravenous and The Amityville Horror.

The Serpent and the Rainbow

Release on 5th February 1988 very few people watched this movie. This story is revolving around the doctor. Who conducts research on human. Brent Jennings doctor with the help of strange medicine can convert any human into beast animal. due to which that beast attack on anyone and chew the meat after killing. Bloody view was captured in that movie but reality was something else. The story of the movie was based on reality. Because Wade Davis writer wrote the book that was published in 1985. The writer of the book mentioned that there is the doctor in the world by using the Voodoo Drug he can perform the experiment of strange activities with human. He put the poisonous power on the body of people due to this experiment some people lost their life and doctor buried them and said that they are not humans, they are beast that’s why I killed them. therefore, after impressed with the story Hollywood decided to make a film and it is the real story.

The Serpent and the Rainbow - Horror Movies Based On Real Events
The Serpent and the Rainbow

Ravenous – Horror Movies

In this Movie US Army informed about the missing person. However, the evidence found from the forest indication the officer that there is something happening in the forest due to which peoples are missing. To know about this there is the team move towards forest for the purpose of investigation. After enter into the forest one army recall the occurrence that was happened in that forest few time back. During that time one cannibal appear in front of them and attack in order to kill them. due to which many people lost their lives. This animal like human start eating the meat of died people. This movie was watched by the people for the purpose of entertainment but no one noticed that. The was the film made on the real incident in 1840 and got very famous. In 18th century one more incident occur in which one man spread horror and fear and killed his 5 friends. After killing them he ate the meat of all of them although he is the pure vegetarian.

Ravenous Based On Real Events

The Amityville Horror

Release in 1979 this horror film is considered as super-duper hit of their era. In the character of the stories 23-year young man killed their parents and siblings in their home during sleeping. After few times he becomes married and start living in that house with his wife and children. but the 28 days of horror incidents he become compel to leave that house. His child and wife found the drop of blood on the wall of the house and the smell of burning meat create difficulty for them for breathing. They found the bodies in their house due to which all of them were worried and leave the house after 28 days. When this film got the fame someone try to find out the story then the secret reveal that it is the true and it confirm from the book the Amityville.

The Amityville Horror - Horror Movies Based On Real Events
The Amityville Horror

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