History Of Tipu Sultan – Biography, Family and Lifestyle

In this topic we shall introduce the aspect of life of Muslim personality of subcontinent of that man about which students was in view that the history of subcontinent was different if the people like Mir Sadiq does not around the Tipu Sultan. English women tells their children keep quiet else Tipu Sultan will come. Yes, we are talking about the man who is daring and named as Tipu Sultan and in this topic we shall discuss about History Of Tipu Sultan – Biography, Family and Lifestyle.

History Of Tipu Sultan
History Of Tipu Sultan

History Of Tipu Sultan

According to historical evidences in 18th on the land of Hindustan only 2 personalities were there that has the capability and power to stop the British. Amongst them one is Siraj Ud Daulah that was the ruler of Bangla and the other one was the tiger of Mysore Tipu Sultan but both of these personalities suffer from conspiracy of traitors and finally British won the battle to capture Hindustan. 10th November 1750 is the memorable day of history when the Sultan of Mysore the birth of the boy Arjumand born in the house of Haider Ali. This was the time when the Mughal emperor become weakest and the hub of business center established by the East India company of British and Frances and further interestingly is that both of them were opponent of each other. Sultan Haider Ali was in favor of Frances against British. However British use their power in their favor and it is black aspects is Muslim rules Nizam Ul Malik also supporting British against Haider Ali. But on 6th December 1782 one sad day Sultan Haider ali passed away and Tipu Sultan took the charge and he continue his father mission and performs lot of work for the betterment of people in fact he took the measure for the safety of emperor and according to the history all the house of Mysore converted into the factory of weapons

Biography, Family and Lifestyle

Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu spend all their life in struggling to get the independence from British. For this purpose, he made the good relationship with Muslims scholars along with France. During that British and Nizam of Hyderabad find strong resistance against Tipu. British know very well that if they want to dominate Hindustan they to get rid of Tipu and they also knew that they cannot won with Tipu with battle. So they decided to start conspiracy against him and start buying the traitors and finally in February 1792 Lord Carnivals send to Hindustan and he won the battle of Bangalore and placed their flag but due to the disease smallpox spread over there and they become deprive to leave that place but British came over there for help.

They have lot of items but the fear of Tipu they consider the compromise is the best solution. To consider about the sensitivity of time Sultan accepted the offer although there are lot of conditions against their favor. In which he has to leave more than half emperor along with lot of money he has to pay. Although till the completion of conditions Tipu handed over 2 sons to British as a guarantee. But he did not lose hope and within five years he controls the situation.
As we already discussed about the purchasing of traitor. Where Mir Sadiq this position is equivalent to prime minister besides of him all the people Purniya and Qamaruddin sold them self by the British. All the secrets of Sultan reached to British and Wills Li threatened Sultan for the war. 22nd April 1799 was the black day when general Harris attacked on the Seringapatam fort according to the information of traitor, British attack on that wall of fort that was weak and construction work was happening over there. But at main time Purniya army instructed them to stop the work and collect their salary. This was afternoon when British attack on the wall of fort and enter in to the fort easily. At that time Sultan had just started having the lunch and he got the news of the fighter Rashid Ghaffar become martyrs. You leave the food and take the sword and leave for fight Mir Sadiq stopped him but he said the one day of life of tiger is better than the 100 years of life of Jackals. On that time one fighter knows about the reality of Mir Sadiq and separated the neck from his body. During the war full of wound Tipu Sultan fallen down on earth and one British fighter try to remove his precious things but he was alive and in one attempt he killed them and become martyrs. After finding when British find his body then become happy and said that from today Hindustan is ours.

Tipu Sultan was the lion after the martyrs British was feeling hesitate to go near to him for many times.

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