Historical Places In Italy – Venice, Pompeii and Roman Forum

If the Italy is considered as the beautiful country, then it was not wrong. The other main identity of this 5th beautiful country of the world is the shooting of the famous companies of hollywood. Top 4 Historical Places In Italy are Venice, Pompeii, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Roman Forum.

Historic Facts About Italy

Before 264 centuries under the supervision of kingdom of Rome when this country after destruction enter into the civilized world then 1861 till 1946 approximately more than half century gone through the experiment of monarchy. But finally in 1946 people of Italy get rid of dictatorship from referendum and then European democracy implemented in the Italy.

Containing the population of 6.1 million the local currency used as Euro. However, in their financial stability there is very important role of exchange earning.

For the attraction of tourist there are many places in Italy. But the capital of this country Rome has the art piece of Colosseum museum that was established in 70th century. Even in this modern era become surprise everyone who watch this. In the past spread over huge area horse racing competition was held on this ground that is the huge source of income for the government.

Historical Places In Italy – Venice

Venice is the very strange city of the world and playing an important role in the financial stability of Italy. Those who come from different country of the world have not completed their journey if they do not visit the city of water. This island city makes them unique from other cities is that this city was populated on water and even the small path is also covered with water. Local people and tourist has to travel through ship for going place to another. This city is spreading over 414.6 kilometers and contains 100 island. That is connect with bridge and watery path.

Venice Historical Places In Italy


Spread over 170 kilometers and build in 6 and 7 before centuries this unlucky city Pompeii is basically the hub of wrong working is appearing in the form of destruction now a day. In 79th century due to incident the ruins of this city is the roman civilization, tradition, business and other daily routines presenting in the form of open book.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

Learning Tower of Pisa is the vintage heritage building of Italy. People of Pisa in 10th century on account in the happiness to conquer the island Sicily has decided to construct the memorable building and the constructing started in 1173 century. However due to different war of era this building was completed in 13th century. Besides of historical importance the cross structure of this building is very interesting. According to survey their crossness is increasing by millimeters on daily basis.

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leaning Tower of Pisa

Roman Forum – Historical Places In Italy

Roman Forum is showing the art piece of the era of kingdom of Rome and also showing the great structure of that time and even the ruins are given the evidences that they have no comparison in making long and strong buildings. In fact, spacious path and huge living places is showing the attachment with this modern world.

Historical Places In Italy Roman Forum
Roman Forum

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