Facts About Latvia: Is Latvia Schengen country

Here are some amazing and Interesting Facts About Latvia and answer of most asked question, Is Latvia Schengen country?

Interesting Facts About Latvia

Latvia is a country in North Europe that spans 64519 kilometer area. Its population is almost 20 lac, among which 65% are Latvians, 20% are Russians and rest 15 % are from other countries. Euro currency is used there. Apart from Latvian, Russian is also spoken and understood there. Its GDP has crossed $24000. Its borders meet Bella roes, Lithuania and Estonia. Flag of Latvia is one of the oldest flags in the world and is red and white in color. Every third person from every house in Latvia lives in Latvia Riga. There are multiple education options in Latvia, so it is easier to get student visa there. Students can work here for 20 consecutive hours. If they save themselves from night life in Latvia, they can earn good income along with a handsome amount as a saving. If you are fond of seeing beautiful places, then Latvia is one of the beautiful places on earth with 12000 streams 3000 lakes. 54% part of Latvia is composed of forests, and therefore Latvia is called the green country of Europe.

Is Latvia Schengen country  Facts About Latvia
Facts About Latvia

Latvian girls are famous for their beauty. They are beautiful, attractive and have longer height than usual. Latvian girls are ideal for modeling around the world, and all the companies strive hard to take Latvian girls as their advertisement models.

Is Latvia Schengen Country?

If you have Latvian passport, then you can roam around Europe free for 90 days because Latvia is a Schengen country. It is considered as peace loving country of the world. Citizens of Latvia have an average age of 74 years; their surnames are on the names of birds and animals.  You will be amazed to know that jeans and t-shirt is an invention of Latvians, and conditioner products also emerged from Latvia. Latvians play baseball in summers and ice-hockey in winters. Latvia is among top ten countries in internet speed. Nights in Latvia are really colorful. As mentioned earlier, girls are very beautiful in Latvia, so those who do not get a chance for modeling they become bar dancers or call girls. There are lot of night’s clubs and bars. There is everything in Latvia that attracts a fun loving person for sure. Night clubs and other facilities are all available in Latvia.

Facts About Latvia
Is Latvia Schengen Country

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