Coldest Place On Earth – Vostok Station, Oymyakon, International Falls

There are different places in the world that possess different weather and nature. Like some places are very hot while some places are existing where sun not sets. Some places covered with snow throughout the year while some places do not have snow. Likewise, in this topic we shall let you know about Three Top Coldest Place On Earth Vostok Station, Oymyakon, International Falls

Vostok Station – Coldest Place On Earth

First we move into the Vostok station of Antarctica. This is the palace filled with snow where tough man cannot stay for more than few times. When we reached with Russian team over here. In early morning, we get the support of particular dress and hot shoes along with hot juices but it is the world coldest place where difficult to reach and in fact survival of life is impossible. But in this world 25 scientist are there they spend few days over there is -25 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Out of which 13 are there they spend some time in -85 degree Fahrenheit. If we say that sun become freeze in this cold season, then I think it is the best example. If we try to find out the coldest day from the height of 11444 from surface of earth. So 21st July 1983 that is normally the part of hot season. But according to record the temperature of this area was -126.6 degree Fahrenheit.

Coldest Place On Earth Vostok Station
Vostok Station


Our next place is Oymyakon it is situated in Russia, Sakha Republic. On 6th February, 1993 was the day when this populated area temperature was recorded -90 Fahrenheit. Folks, this is the only latest city of the country where in day time normal temperature was recorded as n-25 to -50 Fahrenheit. Local people after wearing the hot clothes and leave the house then the only guarantee of their life is to covered their whole body parts. But besides of that in this cold season you will find the people who loves to drop the water in the air and love to see by converting it into the ice. Normally it is found that this populated area reaches on the temperature of -60 so people start moving into the hot places. According to the report of BBC sometimes people travel throughout the day in their car while heater is on.

Oymyakon Coldest Place On Earth

International Falls – Coldest Place On Earth

Continent America, due to coldest place it is called as international falls. That is found in Ontario near to Fort Frances. Where you will find that to over some the severity of coldness people run on road. During that there is the layer of ice leave the mark on their face and dress. This city is called as Icebox of the Nation. But This honor snatch by the area Fraser in 1986. When the temperature become low. 21st January 1911 Friday is the coldest day according to record. When the temperature was -46 degree Fahrenheit.

International Falls
International Falls

I think it’s convenient to close this topic because we have already fell so much coldness. I hope you will definitely like the topic about the coldest place on Earth. 

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