7 Mysterious Books In The World – Must Know

Indeed, book is the best friend of human and the precious assets for educated people. But in the history there are some mysterious book are found. However, experts put all their efforts to understand this but unable to get any success. The 7 Mysterious Books In The World are The Voynich Manuscript, The Book of Soyga, Popol Vuh, Ripley Scroll, Rohonc Codex, Dead Sea Scrolls and Red Book by Carl Jung.

The Voynich Manuscript – Mysterious Books

This book discovers from the library of wilfred. On the front page the name written was unable to understand by anyone. Therefore, it is associated with volfred and named as Voynich. This book is the collection of prescriptions of the family and continuous from generation to generation. Experts did not understand anything except few flowers and nude pictures.

The Voynich Manuscript - Mysterious Books
The Voynich Manuscript

The Book of Soyga

This book discovers from the library of British philosopher, mathematician and expert astronauts. According to the resource from the family this book contains the secrets of astronaut and the surprisingly prescriptions of medicine. However, this book was written through code due to which no one was unable to understand this. Neither expert astronaut nor ruler got the benefits from this book.

The Book of Soyga

Popol Vuh – Mysterious Books

This book was written in maya language and contains about the information of maya civilization and the people from Guatemala village gifted to priest who came from city. It is said that besides of the history of complete maya civilization there are some process mentioned that effect immediately. Priest translate this book in 1958 but surprisingly all the translated paper disappears. It is said that this book has the secret about the creation of world. but the disappear of the translated paper of this priest and after the death of his no one unable to translate this book.

Mysterious Books
Popol Vuh

Ripley Scroll – Mysterious Books

In 15th century, the book written by Ripley Scroll proved to be very mysterious. According to replay this books has the prescription of water and he found from the forest of Africa after the research of 20 years. After the wording of Ripley not his book even he himself gets the fame and all the book sold out immediately. However, the books contain the strange language and other pictures nothing was beneficial for purchaser. Ripley death proves her claims proved to be wrong.

Mysterious Books Ripley Scroll
Ripley Scroll

Rohonc Codex

150 years ago found this book donated by the experts of archeology to local library. This books contains the special type of writing that is unable to understand by anyone. Even though the animal type human pictures were also made. According to expert archeology the picture found in the book is the real picture of any creature that was alive on the world.

Rohonc Codex
Rohonc Codex

Dead Sea Scrolls – Mysterious Books

Discover from the cave of Palestine this books contains the ancient’s Jewish civilization secrets. However, in current era no one unable to translate this book. Jewish writer said that the day when he becomes able to translate this book then he will become the ruler of this world.

Dead Sea Scrolls
Dead Sea Scrolls

Red Book

This book was writer by the famous psychologist Carl Jung. This book was written in the language that was understanding but expert psychiatrist become confused while reading this. This book is famous in all over the world and every psychiatrist has the desire to get this book but this is not beneficial for them till now.

 Red Book by Carl Jung
Red Book by Carl Jung

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